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Shuukyuu Shoujo
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Yuuki kun was one of the star players on his junior high school team; along with his childhood friend Shinichi. Due to a promise that he made with his female childhood friend Miyuki, Yuuki kun has decided to take the long road to the J League by joining a normal school club and winning tournaments, instead of taking recommendations like Shinichi did....

When he checks the club of his selected school, the best club in the country; he quickly notices that the club is completely devoid of any members except for a weird girl that goes by the name of the Fujisaki Rin. She along with her friend Ayane seem to have driven everyone out of the team....

But is it really that Rin and Ayane want to dissolve the soccer club? or could they possible want something else??.... And just what is exactly the promise that Yuuki did with his childhood friends? Well, regardless of the answers it seems that Yuuki isn't in for a smooth sailing, as he completely seems to have fallen into Fujisaki's hands...

Author: Wakamiya Hiroaki

Category: Sports, Ecchi, Seinen,

Date Added: Mar 16, 2012

Status: Halt

Total views: 453

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