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Hapi Mari

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Men - they are the root of Takanashi Chiwa s problems, which is why she never had the time nor the opportunity to have a boyfriend in her entire life. A full-time office lady and a part-time hostess, she works night and day to pay off her dad s debt from his failed business. One night at her part-time job, a high-class customer has her fired. Then the next day, she is called in to see the president - whom she had never even seen before in the office - only to find out she s to marry him! But what kind of guy is Mamiya Hokuto anyway? Will he become one of Chiwa s problems, or will he save her from them? And will this marriage even last?!

The series 'Hapi Mari' has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

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Author: Enjouji Maki

Category: Drama, Comedy, , Slice of Life, Josei, Smut

Date Added: Jun 06, 2011

Status: Ongoing

Total views: 348423

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